Green Powder Side Effects — Detoxification

Green Powder Detoxification Side Effects

Detoxification is a great process for the human body, one which green powder formulas usually kick start.  But detoxification has side effects that you need to be aware of so you don’t go thinking that you’re allergic to your green powder.  Detoxification in the body is a multi-step process involving many different systems.  When a toxin becomes lodged in a certain place, you need a compound that can cause the toxins to release back into the system, a compound that can grab the toxin once it’s again free floating around the bloodstream, and a system that can process the toxin out of the body like the liver.

During the start of the detoxification process, many toxins are released back into the bloodstream.  This can cause many unwanted symptoms, things like fever, aches, skin rash, nausea, and more.  A person literally can feel as though they’ve just come down with the flu.  This is the body’s response to a sudden rush of toxins.  It’s similar to a hangover, oddly enough, but with different symptoms.  Once the body begins to process these toxins out, the symptoms begin to go away but for many hours, a person can feel horrible, and many times a person will assume that they’re allergic to something in the green powder, when in fact, it’s the normal way that detoxification works.

There’s a simple way to determine whether the symptoms you’re experiencing are an allergy or detoxification side effects of the green powder.  If the symptoms get worse as you take the green powder, it’s most likely an allergy.  If they get better, it’s more than likely that the toxins are slowly starting to make their way out of your body.  You might want to cut down on the amount of green powder you take and see if that helps with any of your symptoms.  No one wants to feel like they have the flu, and there’s nothing that says you have to take a full scoop of green powder each time.  12 grams is a lot.

Green Powder Side Effects — Allergy

Allergic Reaction — Green Powder Side Effects

Because of the fact that there are so many different components to most green powder formulas, an allergic reaction is always a possible side effect.  Some green powders have over a hundred different plant components, and if you take it and experience an allergic reaction, who knows which of the components could be responsible.  The thing about green powder formulas is that they generally contain a wide variety of foods that are very uncommon in a normal diet.  Most people I know don’t go around eating grasses and algae on a regular basis.  So if you’re experiencing an allergic reaction to a green powder, it may be very hard for you to isolate what component is causing the reaction.  The best thing you can probably do is to go to a single element green powder and see if that helps.  What I mean by single element, is a green powder that’s only one compound, like wheatgrass powder or Spirulina powder.

But before you do that, first make sure that what you’re experiencing is truly an allergy.  In the next post, we’re going to talk about how when a person starts the detoxification process, there are often unwanted spirulina or chlorella side effects that manifest that the person wasn’t expecting.  These side effects can definitely appear to be an allergic reaction, and sometimes a person might be experiencing the side effects of detoxification and might interpret it instead as an allergic reaction to the green powder.  It’s tricky to say because green powder foods are generally so uncommon in our normal diets.  Once we start taking a green powder, many different things can happen.

The real truth is that, over time, green powder formulas should actually help you with your allergy symptoms.  Because many green powders have compounds which contain anti-inflammatory and antihistamine properties, you should notice a gradual decline in the severity of your allergy symptoms to things you were once allergic to.  The body’s allergic response is often overly heightened in many persons, and green powder formulas usually have a strong ability to help balance the body and reduce it’s overly active allergenic and inflammation responses.  So if you’re an allergy sufferer, hopefully it will work in that way for you as well.


Green Powder Side Effects — Poor Production Standards

Green Powder Side Effects from Poor Production Standards

A lot of green powder formulas come in bulk form.  I know of at least a few types of powders, things like Spirulina, Chlorella, and wheatgrass that a person can buy in bulk for a cheaper price.  Bulk, a lot of times, is a very great thing.  But you really need to be careful where your green powder is coming from if you want to avoid fillers and side effects.  A lot of bulk distributors get their products direct from China, which is not very well known for quality control standards of its food products.  And when you’re dealing with a green powder, it’s so easy to add fillers and other compounds to water down the formula but still charge a premium.  Sometimes these fillers are innocuous and don’t cause any harm, but China has been known to be reckless in this area, and haphazardly has added fillers to food products that often times cause bad side effects.

So make sure you know where your product is coming from before you just go for the cheapest price.  Even products that have USDA Organic stamped on them are still at risk.  There is at least one brand that we know of, Starwest Botanicals, that has that label on their products but gets a lot of their bulk powder from China.  Reading testimonials from other customers and reviews on this site is a great way to stay informed and make sure you’re getting the best green powder for your money, and not having to deal with unfortunate spirulina side effects.

What are some of these green powder side effects that come from poor quality control?  That’s really difficult to answer.  If there are fillers being added to formulas, it really depends on the nature of the filler.  China and other countries have been known to add some strange fillers to food products.  I think back to the milk powder filler that China found in its milk in 2008 that made almost 53,000 children sick, and caused a number of deaths.  That’s why you really need to make sure you buy from a reputable brand that’s backed by a good quality assurance program.  We’re going to review a lot of great brands, and we’ll tell you about which ones you might want to watch out for.  So stay tuned.